The Discovery of Canva's Story App!

One of my goals for 2020 is to make better stories for Instagram and Facebook. By better stories, I mean stories that have advanced designs, animation and that tell a story in 15 seconds. Stories are one of the most high converting methods of posting on Instagram. Which means, I (& the rest of the digital marketing industry) really needs to ‘nail’ it! 

I plan to post a video on YouTube talking about all of the *new* ways I will be creating stories on Instagram but I couldn’t wait to tell you about a new (not so new) app by Canva. 

I’ve been a user of Canva for a couple of years and really love all of their tools and especially love their free version. I’ve created a handful of great designs using Canva and now how easy it is to user their platform. I’ve downloaded their app and use it occasionally. 

However, I just discovered their app dedicated to making stories. It’s called: Canva IG Story and Video Maker.

One word: GOLD.

A TON of great templates to choose from, a ton of great elements to use, a super easy to use app on your iPhone and it’s all FREE! 

Here is a QUICK video I made for Instagram the other morning. I am in the process of scheduling a story ad now and I can’t wait to see the results! 

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