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How To Add Anchor Links On Squarespace 7.1 First things first, what is an anchor link? Anchor links are essentially word(s) on your website that link to something else. For example, here is an anchor link that will take you to a YouTube tutorial about how to add anchor links on Squarespace. Anchor links that …

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How to Promote Your Passion Project Online. Congrats! You’re ready to take your passion project or side-hustle to the internet… but where do you begin? I get really excited when someone decides to take their passion project to another level to essentially make money by doing what they love. Now, with this wretched virus, is …

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Here’s to you 2020. While I am grateful for 2019 and the person I have become because of all the things I’ve gone through – I am SO happy for 2020. My goal for this year is to not only excel and continue to build the brand for my full-time job but to also build …

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While creating this very website your reading this blog post on – I had the hardest time setting the header and footer to the full length of the screen.

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