Confirmed: Facebook is removing the 'hide from timeline' feature for business pages.

I have noticed that the ‘hide from timeline’ feature isn’t an option on ANY of the pages I manage. At first, I thought this was a desktop error as the option was available on the Facebook Page app – but it’s gone now. 

I reached out to Facebook this morning regarding an entirely different issue and asked, ‘Oh, by the way – can I hide this post from the timeline?’

I was told what I already knew, which was to click on the dots at the top of the right-hand corner of the post and select ‘hide from the timeline.’ I sent her a screenshot with evidence. The option is gone for me, and she told me she’d be right back.

Come time, find out; Facebook is removing this option on organic posts for business profiles. ‘Hide from timeline’ is an option for personal pages and for page updates (such as phone number, hour changes, etc.) but not for posts. 

*Update: after an event is created on a business page, Facebook will automatically publishes a post to the timeline about the event. In the past, users were able to hide the post update from timelines but not any more.

Facebook noted that they are removing the ‘hide from timeline’ feature as part of their commitment to increasing transparency for Pages. There have been some other ‘transparency’ updates that have taken place (which I will explain in a different blog post). 

Here is a quick video explaining more:

Here is evidence that Facebook removed the hide from timeline option:

Facebook removes hide from timeline feature on business pages

Send me a line on social media if you’re Facebook remove the hide from timeline option for business pages.surprised about Facebook removing the ‘hide from timeline’ option for business pages!

Personally, I am a little bummed Facebook is removing the ‘hide from timeline’ feature for business pages but also understand the transparency actions they’re trying to make. However, does this mean Instagram won’t allow us to archive posts in the near future? 

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53 thoughts on “Confirmed: Facebook is removing the ‘hide from timeline’ feature for business pages.”

  1. Ferdinand Kolcak

    Well I understand the transparency Facebook is after. On the other hand they removed the option totally untransparently. Have you noticed any announcement? Could this be called transparent behaviour?

    1. Good observation. They removed a feature nontransparently, that is correct. What is interesting to me is that IG allows you to archive posts, which is essentially hiding from the timeline, and FB won’t allow you to do the same thing.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your post. That clears up the mystery! QUESTION: I am a Presbyterian minister and create ads with Christian messages via my FB business page. I would use “hide from timeline” so I could reuse them later (like each Christmas and Easter). I do not want to delete these ads I have worked so hard on. Do you happen to know of a way for me to save my ads to reuse later?

    1. Hi Scott, thanks so much for your comment! It is possible to duplicate ads within ads manager but if you want that material on your timeline updated then you will need to publish again. Send me an email, or a DM if you have any other questions!

  3. Thank you for this post. Been researching for a workaround about this for a few hours now.. Guess I’ll just end up deleting those posts I want to be hidden. 🙁

  4. Thanks for this post finally my quastions are all answered. Ughh kinda upset rn i don’t want to delete those posts I just want to hide it coz I’m going to change content. I guess I have no choice then hays.

  5. Thanks for this, I was wondering first why it wouldn’t let me edit my boosted post, then was wondering how to hide the post next but now I know why. Can I ask how you were able to chat with Facebook Support? I can’t for the life of me find out how to get in touch with someone why they keep rejecting my pet product ads and they’re giving a social or political exploitation reason when there is nothing close to that in the ad.

    1. If you set an ad for your boosted post and you want to edit it – you have to delete the boost / ad. It’s weird but you have to totally remove the ad in order to edit the post. Also, there was an glitch within FB regarding ads getting flagged for political reasons. I wrote a blog post about how to reach FB support and you can view it here:

      Happy to help you with ads if you need guidance.

  6. They are also eliminating the NOTES from Facebook effective October 31, 2020.

    “creating and editing notes will be unavailable after October 31. We know your posts are important, so any published notes will stay published on your timeline. However, any unpublished drafts will be deleted.”

    1. Having “Hide from Timeline” taken away and replaced with “Archive” is terrible because they’re two separate functions. Archive is just a trash bin only you can see, redundant when there was already a “only me” privacy function coupled with hide. Hide From Timeline was great if you want your timeline tab to just be a highlight of big things

  7. Geeez,
    Good to read this as confirmation of what I expected.
    I have been trying to get a short video clip in the cover. To do that, I needed to upload a video and to post it, so that the video can be selected for the cover. To avoid duplication of posts I then try to hide the post, not possible. So I delete the post. And Facebook then also deletes the cover video, and it can no longer be selected.
    It would seem Fb doesn’t really properly think through all the consequences of their own actions.

    1. 100% what my issue is with this. We should be in controll of what is on our timeline, not facebook. I am editing photo albums and replacing some pictures with better quality ones and I don’t want to repost it to my timeline as I update. This is highly annoying. I will be reporting this to facebook as a problem and suggest others do the same.

  8. This is EXTREMELY annoying. As a business, we post a lot of photo albums. I don’t want my feed being just notifications that I uploaded pictures. I like to hide that from our timeline. By deleting the post, it also deletes all of the pictures in that notification. So stupid, Facebook, so stupid.

  9. Britney McGinnis

    This sucks. Now it’s for personal pages too. I use that feature constantly!! Now I don’t even want to post stuff.
    I wish there was a way to contact Facebook. I tried and don’t believe they read the “report a problem”.

  10. Hi,
    So according to facebook the auto-generated posts from cover photo should be still possible to hide. But I dont even see any hide option for that. Or is it that they now recently even removed this option?

  11. Gonçalo Ferraz

    Sad but it’s also gone on personal pages. I used to use it to curate my timeline hiding third party content I shared, letting just my own content on it. Can’t do anymore. Archived posts won’t be shown to anyone…

  12. The style that you write make it really trouble-free to read. And the design you use, wow. Its a really good combination. And I am wondering what is the name of the template you use?

  13. Debbie Stinnett

    I do not agree with taking the hide option off of FB. I should be able to control what I want hidden on there, just like FB controls us if they don’t agree with something, they remove us all together. This is BS.

  14. Mystery solved. Darn. We post annuals sales and events that receive questions, comments, and feedback that I liked to look at year after year to see what worked and didn’t. But I don’t want those showing on our timeline all year. Now I’ll have to screenshot and save somewhere for later viewing. Bummer.

  15. This is so unfortunate. As manager of at least 12 pages for my municipality, I am – by law – prohibited from deleting content (Freedom of Access). Losing the “hide” feature is hugely disappointing.

  16. Arturas Zaleskis

    Thats wrong!! My page isn’t related to any business nor the posts I’m seeing but still can’t hide permanently private posts so need to find this alternative for crap Facebook

  17. Very disappointed. I run a community page and post photos of community activities. After a period of time I could hide the post and the photos would remain on the photo page. If I delete the post, all of the photos are deleted and the residents like to browse old photos. I am going to have to figure out how to remove an old post, but keep the attached photos. Thanks for the info, however. I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure this one out.

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