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Social Media Marketing Boot Camp
For Local Business Owners

Everyone knows that publishing content on social media is the “meat” of the content strategy, but many don’t know what to post or how to implement a strong social media content strategy for their business. This lessons teaches you how to create and implement a strong content strategy for your business. 

Hashtags are one of the most overlooked tactics when growing on social media. When it comes to adding hashtags on posts, many people guess which hashtags to use or, worse, don’t implement a hashtag strategy. This lesson will teach you everything you will need to know about hashtags.

Does your messaging pass the ‘grunt test’? When someone visits your profiles on social media, they should be able to understand within 5-seconds what it is that you ‘do’. In this lesson, I teach you how to craft a message strategy that can pass the ‘grunt’ test. 

Ready to grow on social media? I take you through the trenches of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and youTube, and teach you how to leverage each platform. 

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