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Ah, what can I say, I love TikTok!

Which is kind of crazy because I never saw myself loving TikTok at first. A matter of fact, part of me was like, ‘ugh another platform.’ But I rolled up my sleeves and started to observe and understand the platform. Before I knew it, I was spending an hour or so each night on TikTok. 

Honestly, it’s a platform that is so much fun and I wish I joined sooner! 

I used TikTok to share videos about digital marketing advice and to share videos of my two dogs. …which kind of sums of my life in a nutshell (ha!). If you’re on TikTok, give me a follow (@digitalsargeant). 

Anyways, here is a compilation of my latest TikTok videos talking all about digital marketing! 

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