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Jennifer Sargeant, the creator of Digital Sargeant, is passionate about sharing digital marketing trends with as many people as possible and she would be grateful to speak with your team about digital marketing. 

With nearly ten years of experience, and in many different vertical markets, Jennifer has robust knowledge about digital marketing and all the moving parts associated with digital marketing. Jennifer Sargeant is very good at asking the right questions to the right people to craft an overall branding strategy for businesses and organizations. Additionally, Jennifer has vast knowledge about the following topics below:

  • Google My Business Listings
  • Organic Social Media Marketing 
  • Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management 
  • E-mail Marketing 
  • Direct Message Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Re-Targeting Methods
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Non-Traditional Marketing

Podcasts Featuring Jennifer Sargeant:

Listen to Jennifer Sargeant as a guest speaker on The Digital Coffee Date!

Jessica Rosado, the creator of The Digital Coffee Date, and Jennifer Sargeant sit down to talk about all things girl power. The importance of owning your confidence in the workplace, collaborating versus competition with woman and the importance of getting the salary we all deserve.

Click here to listen! 

Listen to Jennifer Sargeant as a guest speaker on The Dee Greene Show!

Dee Greene, the creator of The Dee Greene Show, and Jennifer Sargeant sit down to talk about building a personal brand and using social media as a megaphone to voice your beliefs. It was a great conversation filled with difficult topics about the social issues in our current world. 

Click here to listen on Apple or on YouTube!

Jennifer Sargeant Digital Marketing Guest Speaker on the Dee Greene Show

Listen to Jennifer Sargeant as a guest speaker on Ketevan Social!

Social media coach, Ketevan and Jennifer Sargeant sit down to talk about digital marketing strategies, the value of authenticity on social media, and a quick story involving RedBull! 

Click here to watch on Instagram

Jennifer Sargeant | Digital Marketing Guest Speaker | ketevan Social

Jennifer Sargeant was featured on Outwittrade's blog!

Outwittrade asked, what is the number 1 tip to writing a great Instagram caption. Check-out Jennifer’s response by clicking here! 

Digital Marketing Guest Speaker Topics:

  • How to claim, optimize, secure, and reinstate Google My Business listings.
  • Why you need to watch your Google My Business listing like a hawk.
  • Basic principles for creating and maintaining multiple social media platforms. 
  • How to determine which social media platform is a good fit for your brand and business.
  • How to identify and grow relationships between fans and brands.
  • The basics of search engine optimization.
  • Understand the importance of consistently adding new content to a brand or organization’s website.
  • Establishing a good reputation online and how to combat a bad reputation.
  • How to craft engaging and compelling email marketing campaigns. 
  • Cultivating employee advocacy among your employees.
  • The importance of being an Authorized Advertiser on Facebook to advertise topics of social issues, politics, or national concern. 
  • How to blend great marketing and outstanding customer service for a winning strategy.
  • The winning strategy of re-purposing content across multiple channels.
  • The basic principals of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • How to get leads for real estate agents while abiding by Equal Housing Opportunity act. 

Jennifer Sargeant

Read more about Jennifer Sargeant and her story by clicking here or preview Jennifer Sargeant’s portfolio by clicking here. 

Jennifer currently resides in Clermont, Fl. where she works full-time for a law firm as the resident chief digital marketing officer.  Jennifer is also on the board of directors for Touched by Type 1. Genuinely a lover of all things marketing, Jennifer assists with business owners throughout Clermont, Florida, providing insight and direction to grow their business and attract the right customers locally. 

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys spending time on the lake with her husband and their two Weimaraners.  She is also a big fan of Game of Thrones & Taylor Swift, and it always looking for a reason to travel.

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What others have to say about Jennifer:

“All of her marketing advice has helped me grow my business. I no longer invest in any marketing advancements without asking for Jennifer’s opinion. She is the ally my small business needed to grow and succeed in my market and town!”

“She has a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing and learn something new from Jennifer every time we talk!”

“Jennifer is quick to resolve any digital marketing challenge thrown at her and can quickly connect dots that others may not see at first.”

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