Meet Digital Sargeant's Newest Teammate!

When I launched Digital Sargeant in June of 2019, the purpose was to start branding myself as an authority in the digital marketing space. A place for me to share my knowledge, experiences, and goals with the online community.  

When the pandemic hit in March, everything changed.

Salary cuts hit our household pretty hard and I needed to start replacing missing income using my talents. I needed freelance clients and I needed them fast.

This is when I applied a strong strategy behind Digital Sargeant. A strategy that encompassed every nugget of digital marketing knowledge I had stowed away. 

In 7-months, Digital Sargeant grew from a small freelancing business to a small agency. 

It’s really easy to get tangled into work with clients, which can result in all of the efforts to get clients for Digital Sargeant to take a back seat. 

So, that is when I decided to bring someone onto my team. Someone who can help me with engagement, outreach, & research. Someone who is willing to learn the digital marketing industry and someone who was willing to take a leap of faith with me into the world of entrepreneurship. 

At the same time I was experiencing Digital Sargeant’s first ‘scaling’ problem, Grace entered into the picture. 

Grace happens to be the daughter of my pre-pandemic freelance account, Yalaha Bootlegging Co. She’s a senior in junior high school who happens to be looking for a part-time job and is eager to learn more about digital marketing. 

We talked it all over and BOOM. Grace joined Digital Sargeant in August of 2019. 

Since August, Grace has helped Digital Sargeant with outreach engagement, research, editing & writing content, testing new digital marketing products & so much more. 

It’s growing moments just like this that I want to bottle up and keep forever. A reminder of the journey and the ultimate grit that was required to build this business. 

Without further ado, meet Grace! 

Digital Sargeant | Clermont Digital Marketing Company
Digital Sargeant | Clermont Digital Marketing Company | Meet Grace
Digital Sargeant | Clermont Digital Marketing Company | Meet Grace

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