Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint

Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint is a coaching program that guides freelancers through the trenches of freelancing. Taking them from not feeling confident about their current strategies, systems and processes to confidentially freelancing and on a path to financial freedom.

Sharing with students the exact strategies, systems, and processes used to launch Digital Sargeant, my digital marketing freelance business, at the beginning of the pandemic.  

Digital Sargeant started out as a digital marketing freelancing business with the sole mission to replace missing income from the pandemic. In 7-months, not only did Digital Sargeant solely replace our missing household income, but it was the same amount I made my second year out of college. 

It was during this transformation that I realized, all freelancers go through the same challenges. I decided to create a coaching program to help freelancers overcome such challenges so they can confidently build their business with speed behind them and with a digital marketing expert in their corner to guide them every step of the way. 

Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint is a coaching program that covers complex freelancing topics such as:

• How to get freelance clients 
• How to market a freelance business
• How to price freelancing services
• How to build systems and process for a strong freelancing business  
• How to build authority as a freelancer 
• How to grow your freelancing business
• & much more

Additionally, students get access to an additional coaching program created by me, Local Business Digital Marketing Boot Camp, to teach them how to leverage Google My Business, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Facebook / Instagram ads for their clients. The additional training material gives students more knowledge to expand their service offerings to clients so that they can make more money as a freelancer.

Students of Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint meet every Sunday in a virtual group coaching environment to go over on-demand freelancing questions hosted and answered by me {this even includes client strategy questions!}.

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