Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint

Salary cuts hit our household in 2020 but I wasn’t going down without a fight. 

I took every nugget of information from my 10 years of digital marketing experience (at the agency & executive level) and launched my digital marketing freelance business. 

Mission: get freelance clients to replace missing income. 

In 7-months, I went from feeling terrified about how we’d pay our bills to feeling relieved due to the success of my digital marketing freelance business. 

It was on this journey that I realized all freelancers go through the same challenges. 

Challenges such as: 

• Getting freelance clients 
• Conducting discovery calls
• Sending proposals 
• Pricing services 
• Identifying nightmare clients 
• Managing your freelance business with freelance clients 

With 10 years of digital marketing experience now at the agency, executive, and entrepreneur level, I coach other freelancers through freelancing challenges in the coaching program: Freelance + Financial Freedom Blueprint.

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