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Get Freelance Clients | Training by Jennifer Sargeant

Find Clients

Imagine potential freelance clients reaching out to you for services instead of relying on ads or cold outreach!

Grow Your Business

Imagine getting so many clients you need to hire a team of virtual assistants and creators to help you manage your workload!

Financial Freedom

Imagine gaining enough clients & building your authority as a freelancer that you achieve your financial goals and your version of financial freedom!

Get Freelance Clients​

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Who is it for?

Get Freelance Clients free training is for freelancers in the digital marketing space who are on a mission to get freelance clients and scale their business. 

What is included?

Get Freelance Clients live training is 100% free and is approximately 25 mins in length and includes Q&A session.

For the record:

The strategies and tactics shared in this training are 100% proven to work as Jennifer has used them to grow her freelance business and her students have applied them with success.

This training is not for the passive or lazy freelancer – serious freelancers only. 

Evidence of Success:

Clients First Month
of Freelancing
Clients First Year
of Freelancing
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of Freelancing
Potential Clients
Turned Down
$ 1500
Cost Per Client

Who is Jennifer Sargeant?

Jennifer Sargeant started her business, Digital Sargeant, at the start of the pandemic with the sole mission to replace missing income. 

Digital Sargeant was launched with zero following on social media, zero authority established, and with zero funds available for advertising. 

In March of 2020, Jennifer had just 1 client but at the end of 2020, she had 23 new clients & at the end of 2021, she had 38 clients.

Jennifer established a method of gaining freelance clients that doesn’t include spending money on advertising or spending time cold calling. 

Learn her methods of gaining new freelance clients by attending the FREE living training of, Get Freelance Clients! 

Student Success Stories:

Jennifer Sargeant | Local Business Digital Marketing Expert

Meet Jennifer Sargeant

In March of 2020, Jennifer and her husband learned overnight that they had a 70% household defect due to the impact of the pandemic. 

On a mission to become debt-free and to begin their infertility journey, they rolled up their sleeves and started multiple side hustles to replace missing income.

Digital Sargeant was one of those side hustles. 

Jennifer used her 11 years of digital marketing knowledge at the agency and c-suite level and applied them to their new business, Digital Sargeant. 

At the end of 2020, they were able to replace their missing income largely due to the success of Digital Sargeant. 

In 14 months, Digital Sargeant brought in $100k in net revenue.

At the end of 2021, they welcomed their newest member to Digital Sargeant, a baby boy, and they are 90% debt-free! 

Jennifer quickly became passionate about helping other freelancers in similar situations and created Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint. A coaching program designed to personally walk with freelancers as they scale their business.

Get Freelance Clients is a free training excerpt from Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint and designed to give freelancers client acquisition strategies for free!