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You’ve started social media marketing or digital marketing freelancing but now you’re wondering how do you get freelance clients.

I needed freelance clients when the pandemic hit and I needed them rather fast.

I needed to start replacing missing income due to the pandemic. I took every piece of knowledge over the last 10 years of digital marketing at the agency and the c-suite level and directly applied them to my new social media marketing freelance business, Digital Sargeant.

In 7-months I replaced my missing income and in 13 months I crossed over the 6-figures in revenue milestone. The best part? This is technically my side hustle! 

Now, I consistently have 5-figure months all from freelancing.

It was during this transformation that I realized I can help a lot of other freelancers grow and scale their social media marketing freelance business by sharing my strategies and processes with them.

This training is a snippet from Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint, a coaching program designed to take freelancers from zero to hero using my strategies and processes that I used for Digital Sargeant.

.Ready to take your social media marketing freelance business to the next level?

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