Google Core Update May 2020

Google confirmed on May 4th that it is performing the second core update of 2020 to the algorithm. 

Google is known for completing many algorithm updates throughout the year but they are usually minor and search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners usually don’t spot much of a difference. 

SEO practitioners pay close attention when a core update is made public by Google because that means there will be a noticeable fluctuation in rankings.  

Google May Core Update

Depending on the industry, it can take one – two weeks to notice a difference (if any at all). In June 2020, Google performed a core update and I noticed a difference in rankings right away (and not for the good either). 

This update, I am seeing a lot of ranking results holding their positions for the main industry I am in at the moment (legal) and an increase in ranking position for my personal brand on a local level. Which is great because it’s a strategy I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It may be too early to tell but it seems the new content strategy and with core update gave my brand the push it needed for page 1 results.  

It’s common for people to get worried about core updates, which is why it is important for a strategy to be implemented at all times. 

When a business has an SEO strategy of  ‘set it and forget it’ the core updates can really impact rankings in a negative way. One of the worst things someone can do for their business is to get lazy with content + keyword strategy. 

Here are some things that you can do to help with rankings during this core update (and to prepare for others):

  • Content will always hold the key to success on Google. Make sure your content is up to date and relevant. 
  • Under the E-A-T approach which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. When raters rate your content, they will use this approach to better understand where and how to place your content. Lilly Ray has an outstanding article on this topic and you can view it by clicking here
  • Take a look at your overall on page SEO strategies such as your page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and header tags. 
  • Authentic link building strategies will also be helpful during this time. Which means, links that are not obviously paid for as SEO leverage.

Typically, Google Core Updates present some sort of challenge for SEO practitioners and will inevitability cause them to do a pivot to different or more enhanced strategies. Since the May Core Update is still only a few days old – it is hard to tell what needs to be done right at this moment. 

If your rankings are negatively impacting your brand, I suggest that you work on crafting content with a publishing plan, and work on obtaining links to your website for a better holding position. 

If you have an SEO question you want to ask me – send me an email and I’ll do my best to assist. Or, send me a DM on any social media platform I manage. 

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