How To Add Anchor Links On Squarespace 7.1

First things first, what is an anchor link?

Anchor links are essentially word(s) on your website that link to something else. For example, here is an anchor link that will take you to a YouTube tutorial about how to add anchor links on Squarespace.

Anchor links that automatically scroll a user to a different part of a page can be really useful for page with a lot of information on them. Here is an example of a jump anchor link on WordPress using Elementor

In the video below, I share with you how to add anchor links that auto scroll users on Squarespace version 7.1. 

To add the anchor link you will need three things: 

  1. Code (below)
  2. A title for the item you’re linking too
  3. URL of the page you want to leverage 

Here is the code: 

<div id= “corporate”>


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