How to Craft a Message From Your Brand About the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a very serious threat around the world and to businesses every where. In my community, I’ve noticed an increased level of unity and awareness regarding some of the troubles small businesses are facing. 

I live in Lake County, Fl., and local businesses owners are starting to feel the effects from the virus. As someone who loves small businesses, I couldn’t help but to create a group on Facebook for Lake County, Fl Business Owners as a place for everyone to connect and collaborate a bit further in times such as these. If you’re in Lake County, Fl and a small business owner – I encourage you to join our group by clicking here

Regardless of where your small business (or business) is located, it might be a good idea to send a message to your audience regarding the Coronavirus. As someone who studied public relations in college, it’s important to address the elephant in the room. Sending a message of unity and support will only help establish brand loyalty when the ‘storm passes’. 

Here are some good suggestions and talking points when creating your brands message about the Coronavirus:

  1. Address the elephant in the room (aka: the virus).
  2. Thank all of your customers for their loyalty over the years.
  3. Send a message of unity and strength. 
  4. Make a donation on behalf of your business to a local food bank, or send flowers to hospitals thanking the staff.

Here is the message that I created for Digital Sargeant:

Dear friends,

The Coronavirus has no barriers. Effecting many countries, cities, and communities around the world and taking the lives of many people far too soon. 

While this is a pandemic that has taken many people by surprise, myself included, it’s important that we all stick together. Be there for our neighbors and be a light during dark times. 

Thank you for all of your support over the past year and it’s because of you that small businesses, such as Digital Sargeant, can thrive. Once this season passes, we will all rise and become stronger. 

To help other small business owners during the Coronavirus, I have created a group on Facebook for Lake County Business Owners. A place for Lake County business owners to collaborate and support one another during this season. You’re welcome to join the group by clicking here

Our family has made a donation to a local food bank to help any family who is not able to provide meals.

With love,

Jennifer Sargeant 
Digital Sargeant

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