How to do digital marketing for local business.

Let’s talk about a few digital marketing elements every local business (or small business) should be doing no-mater-what. 

The shorty answer is that every local business should be utilizing Google My Business, their website, and an audience connector. 

Here is what I mean..

Google My Business holds the keys to getting your local business on Google Maps, to add photos and videos, to manage reviews, and control business-specific elements such as hours of operation, business phone number, business features.

The Google My Business app has a featured called messages. When messages is enabled for listings, then users can message the listing and directly connect with someone from the business. 

I have seen local businesses generate thousands of dollars due to securing leads directly from Google My Business.

So, without a doubt, make sure you’re dominated your Google listing!

There are TWO things that we want to happen when someone Googles your service + where you offer your service. 

The goal is for local business owners to rank in the map pack and to rank directly under maps for their website.

…but how do you do that?

It all boils down to content strategy for your website. Content that talks about services your business offers  plus areas where service.

For example, if I owned a flooring company in Clermont, FL. I would want my business to rank on Google Maps and organically “Flooring company Clermont, FL”. 

Be sure to check out this YouTube video for more information

Lastly, every small business should have an audience connector. When I say audience connector, I mean anything extra that you’re doing to connect with your audience other than GMB and a website. 

Most small businesses uses social media as an audience connector but other forms are also email marketing, direct mail marketing, or text messages. 

Since most local businesses uses Instagram, here are some tips for Instagram for local businesses:

  • Use 15-25 geo location hashtags per a caption on Instagram
  • Use up to 10 geo tags on Instagram stories
  • Engage with your audience on Instagram to meet more people where you service your customers. 

Speaking of Instagram, I have a handful of blog posts all about Instagram:

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