How to Get 100 Subscribers on YouTube Quickly!

About 3 weeks ago, life hit me upside the head and I realized my personal brand was in the back seat. I started a mission to grow my personal brand and my audience and turned to YouTube because I know how powerful YouTube can be. 

While I did start my journey to 100 subscribers with 34 already in my pocket – I was on a mission to gain 66 new subscribers to reach my goal of 100 ASAP. I am not on a mission to brag about how many followers I have but I am on a mission to grow my own community and this achievement is one small step for my brand. 

Google Core Update May 2020I fell down a rabbit hole watching Sunny Lenarduzzi talk about how she grew her channel from 0 to 400k plus followers. 

I took some of her practices and blended them with my style. 

Here is how I gained 100 subscribers on YouTube:

  • Downloaded Tube Buddy to help me understand all the SEO mark-ups I could get. Which, I am an affiliate for Tube Buddy and here is my link
  • I researched my heart and soul before deciding on a video topic to create content about. 
  •  I keep up with a consistent posting scheduling (which is currently 3x a week).
  • I pay close attention to thumbnails, tags, click through rates, end screens and info cards. 
  • I create everything on my iPhone X and use VideoShop to edit material. 
  • I cross promoted my material from TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

The thing that really helped me gain great traction was a video I posted about the Google Core Update and this video really helped give me a push in the right direction. This is what Sunny calls a ‘break through’ video. 

Boom! That is how I gained 100+ subscribers in nearly 3 weeks! 

Speaking of YouTube – you should check out the videos below and subscribe to my channel if you find the material helpful! 

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