How to get analytics from your TikTok account.

TikTok is quickly becoming the most popular social media app. It’s an app that isn’t just for teens anymore. In fact, I’m on TikTok and totally enjoy using the platform.  & I am totally not a teen, nor do I post dancing or singing videos. I use TikTok for what I know which is digital marketing and being a fur mom. It’s my ‘personal-public-brand account. 

Starting from nothing my TikTok has grown from 0 to 911 followers, 2800 likes, and my most viewed video has 12.2k views. I’m not famous (nor do I think I want to be) but I am getting noticed and within my niche. I post on TikTok rather often and re-purpose the content for Instagram and Facebook stories, and even for compilation videos for YouTube (which I talk about here). 

Since I use the platform as a branding and marketing tool – I’d really like to know the stats of my posts and any data regarding my page. Turns out, it’s incredibly simple to turn your TikTok page to a pro account which unlocks the gates to your profile analytics. 

Here is how you turn your TikTok account to a pro account:

  • Tap the 3 dots on top of your profile 
  • Tap ‘manage my account’
  • Select ‘switch to pro account’
  • boom! 
Analytics on TikTok | Digital Sargeant

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