How to get clean line breaks on Instagram!

I have the easiest tip for you on how to get clean line breaks on Instagram! 

This tip is so easy and it’s the best, most dependable method to get clean line breaks on Instagram. No need to add space breaks [ ] in notes, or dots, or dashes, or a bunch of spaces. NONE OF THAT.

Simply copy your Instagram caption with the spaces and line breaks you wish to have and paste the caption using this website.

Jennifer Sargeant explains how to get clean line breaks on InstagramThere you have it. The easiest way to get clean line breaks on your Instagram posts. All your friends will want to know your trick! 

If you are an advertiser, you can use this trick when launching a story ad. Currently, story ads on Instagram (and Facebook) are super inexpensive and a great way to generate more awareness about your brand. However, you have very limited capabilities of how your story copy appears when you type in your copy from the ad dashboards. Be sure to use this trick! 

While I wish Instagram would recognize our spaces in the platform on the native level – it’s 2020 and we should all have beautiful captions! 


App Life Host created an app called Spacier for $3 that can help you get clean line breaks easier. 

You can also download Google Docs and copy and paste from that app to create line breaks. 

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