How To Get Freelance Clients

Our salary income streams were in really bad shape at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Bottom line: I need to do what it took to make money (in the middle of a pandemic… yikes). 

I took all of the digital marketing knowledge I had and directly applied it to my *new* business, Digital Sargeant. 

It was during this transformation that I quickly realized, all digital marketing freelancers go through the same challenges. 

One of those challenges is getting freelance clients. 

After all, that was the first step in actually earning an income. Get the freelance clients, and then get paid.

Here are a few ways I got freelance clients in the middle of a pandemic: 

  • Created problem-solving content 
  • Focused my attention on 3 social media platforms
  • Engaged with my ideal target audience 
  • Provided great service for referrals 
  • Built my online reputation through Google 

Now, I guide freelancers through the transformation of starting their business and feeling uncertain about getting clients to thriving in confidence. 

Learn more about Freelance + Financial Freedom Blueprint here!

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