How to grow your Instagram in 2020.

Instagram may not be the most popular social media platform but it is the most sought after in terms of street credibility. (Facebook is the most popular social media platform.)

It is also one of the hardest social media platforms to grow and establish a following – which is why the street credibility currency is so high.

Instagram’s algorithm has officially changed now that ‘likes’ on posts are no longer a heavy factor for winning the algorithm. To be clear, Instagram ‘likes’ will not be public facing but the user will be able to see the vanity metrics. Nonetheless, this is the right step to vanity metrics and mental health on social media. 

Now the question is: how do you grow on Instagram in 2020?

It’s a complicated question that isn’t transparent to users. For the most part, how to win on Instagram is all a theory but what I can tell you is how I am winning on Instagram. Granted, I am not a verified account (I don’t have the blue tick) and at the time of writing this post I have 200 followers (hey, my account is brand new!). I do manage another high profile account that is growing very nicely.

Here are my tips on how to grow on Instagram:

  •  Grow in your geographic first.
    •  I am located in Clermont, Florida and my audience group targets business owners in Clermont. Which means I engage and interact with as many business owners in my area AND people who tag my area.
  •  Create conversations on posts, stories, and in direct messages.
    •  Conversations tell Instagram a couple of things but mostly that you are an engaging account that is genuine. This will help push your page out to other accounts similar to your followers.
  •  Create shareable content and engaging content.
    •  Going hand-in-hand with the whole ‘conversation’ element, shareable content is another tick of engagement which will help other people see your page. Shareable content is prime real estate on all social media and most certainly on Instagram. 

One very important thing to remember is that Instagram is a beast that thrives on consistency and genuine actions. It has a need for consistent engagement in the form of updates (stories), comments, and actions.   

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