How to hide hashtags on Instagram stories.

Ok, let’s face it. Obvious hashtags on Instagram stories look super cheesy. 

Personally, I think hashtags in general look super cheesy. But, it’s what it takes to get found on social media.

I digress…

Let’s bring it back to the basics for one moment. Here are a few facts about Instagram stories that you may or may not know:

  • Instagram stories are 15 seconds in length. 
  • Instagram stories exist on Instagram for 24 hours.
    • Unless highlighted
  • Instagram stories can have 10 hashtags per a story.
    • It’s not a guarantee your Instagram story will show for that tag story. 
  • It’s a best practice to use broad hashtags on Instagram stories to increase your chances of being found.
    • I always say: use broad tags on stories and niche tags on captions.

I like to blend hashtags on Instagram stories to reduce the super spammy and cheesy look to my creative. I’ve found that blending the tags work. I blend the tags simply by typing the hashtag and using the color dropper tool to blend the tag with the location of the creative. 

I’ve tested different variations of blending and I’ve received positive results on the following methods:

  • 100% blended with the exact same color as the background (black on black).
  • Blended with the creative but not 100% (using the color dropper tool on a busy background). 

Here is some social proof that the tag method works. You can see in the screenshots below that the tags are totally blended with the creative. 

How to hide hashtags on Instagram - Jennifer Sargeant - Digital Sargeant
Proof: How to hide hashtags on Instagram - Jennifer Sargeant - Digital Sargeant

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