How To Leverage LinkedIn As A Freelancer & LOCK NEW CLIENTS!

As a freelancer, there are so many tools at your disposal we just need to know how to use them all for your freelance business! 

I use LinkedIn as a freelancer every day but not in the spammy and annoying way. BUT LinkedIn does help me lock even more clients for my digital marketing freelance business, so let me explain. 

As a Freelancer, here is how I leverage LinkedIn: 

  1. I use LinkedIn as a pilar to publish content about my freelance business. 
  2. I use LinkedIn’s article features for long-form content AND for a bit of a boost in the SEO world. 
  3. I use LinkedIn as a way for engagement/outreach, but again not in a spammy way! 
  4. I use LinkedIn as a real-time resume, sending prospects to my LinkedIn profile as a way to get to know more about me and my experience level. 
  5. I use LinkedIn’s recommendations as a way to leverage reviews and social proof about my freelance business. 

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