How to Make a Promotional Plan for Your Passion Project.

Congrats! You’re ready to take your passion project or side-hustle to the internet… but where do you begin?

I get really excited when someone decides to take their passion project to another level to essentially make money by doing what they love. Now, with this wretched virus, is the best time do spend extra time on your passion project and to try to generate a little extra money. 

I decided to create a guide designed to help people promote their passion project online.  I have nearly 10 years of digital marketing experience and I know how overwhelming it can be Googling ‘how to’s’ with all of the advice on the internet. 

My promise to you, with this guide, is to give you clear direction on how to scale your passion projact. 

I talk about things that NO ONE else talks about such as:

  1. The importance of Google My Business
  2. Great options for a FREE website
  3. Great options for paid websites 
  4. What to put on your website 
  5. How to choose a social media platform for your passion project 

This guide is so free, I don’t even ask for your email address! Download: How to Grow Your Side Hustle today

I wish you NOTHING but success!

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