How to Rank on the First Page of Google for Free!

I get this question all of the time: How do you rank on the first page of Google (for free). 

With nearly 10 years of digital marketing experience, mostly in the local business marketing industry, I have ranked many websites on the first page of Google. 

Google does have a Starter Guide to help people understand what is needed to rank on Google but still isn’t totally transparent on exactly ‘how to’ rank on Google. 

It’s SEO practitioners such as myself and many other people who have tested what works and what doesn’t work throughout the years. 

Here are the elements I pay close attention to when I craft content that I want Google to find, and ideally rank me on page 1 for:

  1.  To begin with you’re going to want to make sure that your website meets these basic fundamentals: 
    • Fast website 
    • Mobile responsive website 
    • Secure website 
    • Website with content that is not misleading and offers a good user experience
    • A website with breadcrumbs
  2. I also pay close attention to:
    • Strong content strategy 
    • Strong title tag strategy 
    • Strong meta description strategy 
    • Strong alt tag strategy 
    • Strong keyword research strategy 

In the video, you may hear me mention ‘content strategy’ a handful of times. I cannot stress to you enough, a good content strategy is what is going to set you up for success on Google. Consistently publishing content and updating old content will help position your website better than a ‘set it and forget’ approach. 

I always want to state that in this video I mention a few things to consider if you’re not ranking on Google for your desired search terms. Paying close attention to your user experience will help give you feedback on your overall design of your website. While a high bounce rate won’t totally knock your rankings low – it could indicate that your user experience is poor. I would consider added a heat map or tracking device on your site to get a better understanding of why people may be bouncing off of your site quickly. 

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