How to Schedule Posts on Google My Business

I am a BIG fan of Google My Business! I always say, if Google is giving you a tool for free – we need to use it. 

This blog post won’t talk about all of the amazing things GMB has to offer BUT it will talk about how to schedule posts on Google My Business. 

If you’re new to the GMB world, users can post to Google My Business almost like a social media post. Note: hashtags don’t work on GMB so don’t fiddle with that element. 

Posts on GMB are only seen by users for 7 days and then they ‘fall off’. Meaning, if you want to have a post display on your profile then you’ll need to post at least once every 7 days. 

Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of scheduling posts because it eliminates engagement, reach, etc. but for this case, scheduling posts to GMB can really save you time. 

How to schedule posts on Google My Business (2020)

How to schedule posts on Google My Business using Publer.

The best part about Publer is that it is free for 5 accounts! I’ve tested Publer for over a month before sharing with my community so you know it’s tried and true. 

Check out the video below which is a tutorial about how to share posts to Google My Business! 

Will you start scheduling posts on Google My Business? Drop a line below to let me know! 

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