Increase your reach on Instagram Stories with this tip!

Instagram is a beast to manage and it takes so much time to grow a strong following and an authentic audience. So, that is why I share all of the Instagram tips that I know for a fact work! 

I recorded this video originally with the idea in mind to show everyone a great tip for stories to increase reach. But then it turned into a video 5 mins long with a ton of tips.

I’ll go ahead and skip to the meat of the content and share the tip with you:

  1. Stories can have 10 hashtags per a 15-second story. 
  2. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll rank in those story tags BUT the chances are good if you have great content, strong engagement ratios and choose good tags.
  3. The thing is though – 10 tags on a story look so cheesy so here is how you blend them –
    1. Use the color dropper tool.

I’ve tested multiple hashtags on stories a few different ways. While it isn’t a surefire way to get more reach (because it’s never a guarantee that you’ll rank on stories) it works if the hashtags stand out AND if the hashtags are blended with the background. 

I even tested this concept with a black background and black text and boom – my story got more views which resulted in more views to my profile! 

Check out this video which explains the hashtag color dropper tip and gives you a TON of other tips. 

Don’t forget – at the end of the day it’s all about one-on-one conversations. 

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