Is It Bad To Re-purpose Content On Social Media?

This is a question I get all of the time: is it bad to re-purpose content on social media?

The short answer is no. 

Before I dive into the specifications of re-purposing content on social media, I do want to say that re-purposing content within your website resulting in duplicate content is never (ever) a good idea. The SEO-marketer within me really wanted to make that clear as I write this topic for my blog. 

Ok, moving along. 

When it comes to re-purposing content, the thing to remember is to adjust and edit each bit of media for the social media platform. Meaning, a caption that may be really great for Instagram, may not be ideal for LinkedIn. Instagram is a casual social media platform whereas LinkedIn is a professional setting. When, as users of social media, have a different state of mind when browsing the platforms. So, try to keep the captions, and the re-purposed content unique to each platform. 

I always suggest local and small business owners begin their social media marketing journey with 3 social media platforms:

  1. A platform that you feel comfortable with
  2. A platform that will give you SEO leverage 
  3. A platform that will give 

I encourage local business owners to start with 3 social media platforms (using the framework above) and sharpen your skills within each platform. 

With that being said, the 3 social media platforms I use for my brand (the most) are Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. When I craft content I consider my 3 top platforms and my buyer personas. 

Posting to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. are considered ‘bonus points’ in my book. 

Here is how to re-purpose my content on social media:

  1. I research a topic for YouTube and recorded the material.
  2. When I am done with my YouTube video, I switch my phone vertical to record for TikTok using the same pieces of information from the YouTube video. 
  3. I save the TikTok videos as drafts and use them throughout the week or as they fit within the posting schedule. I normally record 4-5 videos and they are usually between 15-60 in length. 
  4. I use the highest performing TikTok videos (within the series) and post to Instagram stories. 
  5. While on Instagram stories, I create mixed-media cards to included text, video, and sometimes audio. 
  6. I will then use another TikTok video and share it to my Instagram feed. 
  7. I will string together the entire story (usually 3-4 slides) to upload as a video for Pinterest. 
  8. I will use the YouTube video as content for the Facebook group I manage, for my brand Facebook page, on LinkedIn, and on Google My Business. 
  9. I will write a blog post about the YouTube video and link the video within the blog post (this blog post is a prime example of re-purposing content). 

You see here, the content was originally created with YouTube in mind and then sliced and diced for TikTok which trickled down to many other platforms. 

What do you think of this re-purposing strategy? I hope it gives you ideas for your content development! 

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