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Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint

In March of 2020, our household was hit with major salary cuts and threats to our income flow. My husband and I did what it took to make money for our family.

My mission: to get freelance clients for my digital marketing business.

In just 7-months, I not only replaced my missing income but it’s the same amount I made my first year out of college. 

Quickly realizing it was rather easy for me to launch my digital marketing agency due to 10 years of industry experience at the agency & executive level. 

Now, I am going to teach other creative freelancers how to grow and scale their digital marketing businesses.

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I have two guesses:

My first guess is that you have watched plenty of Facebook ad tutorials on YouTube.

My second guess is that you still have questions about your strategy. 

Facebook & Instagram Ads Training Course and Coaching Program was created to provide clarity and guidance to business owners so that they can have strong ad campaigns. 

Local Business Digital Marketing Training Course By Jennifer Sargeant

Think about how much more powerful you would be as a business owner if you know exactly how to dominate your industry using digital marketing strategies.

Local Business Digital Marketing Boot Camp is an e-learning course and personal coaching program that will take you through the trenches of local business digital marketing. 

At the end of the course, you’ll know exactly how to dominate your industry using digital marketing strategies and tactics. 

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