Local Business Digital Marketing Case Study.

Digital Marketing Case Study Featuring Lake County, FL Local Business.

In October 2017, one of my friends from Real Life Christian church, where I volunteered in the digital marketing department, introduced me to the owner of Yalaha Bootlegging Co., Doug McCormack. He owns a moonshine distillery and produce market in Lake County, FL.

He was on a mission to find someone to help grow their business presence online and to ultimately increase profits. 

Digital Marketing Case Study - Lake County, FL Local Business

Fast forward to today, nearly three years later, Yalaha Bootlegging Co. continues to climb in profits and grow as a local business, largely as a result of digital marketing strategies carried out by me.

Local Business Digital Marketing Case Study - Lake County Fl

Yalaha Bootlegging Co. is an award-winning moonshine distillery in Central Florida. Nestled in Lake County, FL and on the same property as the family organic blueberry farm, Blue Bayou Farms. Yalaha Bootlegging Co. is an open-air moonshine craft distillery. You can take home fresh-baked pies, fresh produce, and recently bottled award-winning moonshine any day of the week. When you visit on the weekends you’ll get a chance to taste Eddie’s famous BBQ and listen to music from local musicians such as Southside Lenny or Lickety Split singing southern rock tunes.

In 2017, Yalaha Bootlegging Co. used 2 methods of digital marketing. Their website and Facebook page. Without a doubt, their team did an outstanding job getting their local business online. The McCormack’s wanted to take their business to the next level and they weren’t totally sure where to begin.  

…which is when I stepped in.  

I worked with Yalaha Bootlegging Co. at a very steady and gradual pace. Spending an average of 5 to 8 hours a month working on their digital marketing. Specifically focusing on local search engine optimization tactics and social media marketing. 

Yalaha Bootlegging Co. went from simply existing on Google to absolutely thriving on Google. Ranking for phrases in central Florida such as, ‘It is legal to make moonshine in Florida,’ ‘Things to do near me’, and ‘moonshine’. The distillery ranks exceptionally well for branded and non-branded search terms. 

The biggest key performance indicator (KPI) for the distillery was the consistent growth month after month due to digital marketing tactics through my strategy. Continuing to climb in profits month after month, being more profitable during slow seasons, and much busier during the peak season. 

The most challenging conversion using digital marketing tactics is to increase foot traffic to a brick and mortar location. It is a KPI that was and still is consistently met with mostly organic growth online (a very small percentage of paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram).

Here are a few impressive digital marketing growth stats due to digital marketing strategies for the distillery: 

Site traffic growth using only organic search engine optimization strategies:

  • December 2017: 99 visits 
  • December 2019: 1,290
    • 929% increase

Traffic to Google My Business using only organic digital marketing strategies: 

  • December: 2017: 684 views
  • December: 2019: 6,143 views 
    • 798% increase

Facebook page growth using a combination of organic social media marketing strategies and low budget (put powerful) paid advertising on Facebook.

  • 2017: 2,022
  • 2020: 4,635
    • 129% increase

While I am so proud of how far the distillery has grown online, I cannot take all of the credit. The owner of the still, Doug McCormack, works extremely hard to grow his business and capture the attention of customers when they visit the store. Offering live music with local musicians, BBQ on the weekends, and an annual music festival called Shine Fest. 

Digital marketing success for Yalaha Bootlegging Co. is crafted from a perfect recipe of a highly-skilled digital marketing professional and a small business owner who is passionate about his business. Together, we have been able to identify traits of customers to ultimately grow and reach the target audience for the distillery. Consistently growing profits for his business by increasing foot traffic to his moonshine distillery.

Testimonial from the owner of Yalaha Bootlegging Co.:

“I’d like to talk to you about Jennifer Sargeant and how much of an asset she has been for my company. My business is growing more digitally than I could have ever possibly imagined because of the work that she’s done.”

If you’re ever in or near Lake County, FL be sure to visit Yalaha Bootlegging Co.  and take home award-winning moonshine, fresh baked pies, and produce.  Don’t forget, daily free tastings 🥃. 

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