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Digital Sargeant offers local business digital marketing service packages spearheaded by local business expert Jennifer Sargeant.

Marketing Case Study

Learn how one local moonshine distillery tripled its profits, doubled its social media following, and gained the attention of the local press.

Jennifer's Portfolio

Local business digital marketing expert, Jennifer Sargeant, has 11 years of digital marketing experience at the agency and c-suite level.

Knowledge Vault

Preview the Knowledge Vault, which contains marketing articles with the sole purpose of educating local business owners about digital marketing.

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Marketing Services

Who is it for?

Local businesses owners who are eager to grow their profits and reach their customers through the lens of digital marketing.

What is included?

Digital Sargeant will meet with you for a free discovery call to learn more about your current challenges and goals for your business. 

After the discovery call, Jennifer will send you a personalized proposal and digital marketing plan to help your accomplish your goals. 

For the record:

Jennifer Sargeant only works with local business owners who are eager and dedicated to growing their business. Not every business is accepted. 

Local Business Case Study

Case Study

who is it About?

Yalaha Bootlegging Co. reached out to Jennifer Sargeant in 2017 in need of a full digital marketing strategy. Overtime, Jennifer tripled their profits, doubled their following, and gained the attention from the local press. 

What is Included?

A high-level overview of metrics, digital marketing strategy, and tactics used to accelerate Yalaha Bootlegging Co’s profits. 

For the record:

Yalaha Bootlegging Co. is a massive success due to the perfect combination of a business owner who was dedicated to scale their business and a digital marketer who was ready to make big changes. 

Jennifer's Portfolio

Who is it for?

Business owners who wish to learn more about Jennifer’s local business industry experience. 

What is Included?

Preview Jennifer’s official resume, learn more about her skill-set and read testimonials. 

for the record:

While Jennifer has 11 years of digital marketing experience, she only just started her freelance business in March of 2020. 

Jennifer's Portfolio
Freelance Education

Knowledge Vault

who is it for?

The Knowledge Vault is designed to educate local business owners about digital marketing trends and industry changes. 

What is Included?

Articles written and videos curated by Jennifer Sargeant. 

For the record:

The Knowledge Vault is for local business owners who are eager to learn more about digital marketing 

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