Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses During COVID-19.

Local and small businesses every where are having to pivot their digital marketing strategies. 

Once upon a time, small business owners were posting about new inventory, or sales but now messaging strategies are needing to adapt to our obvious landscape of dealing with COVID-19.

I’ve talked to a handful of local business owners where I live, in Lake County, FL, and I am getting asked the same question almost every time we talk:

As a local business, what can I do to keep my business in front of my audience during COVID-19. 

Which is exactly why I created this video. 

Marketing strategies for local businesses during COVID-19

– Tell stories about how your local business started, why you started your local business and / or interesting stories about your local business. Package the story on social media using geographical tags and engage with people on social media living in or near your service area.

– Take advantage of free time to crafting content for search engine optimization. Create content such as about us pages, testimonial pages, or ‘why choose us’ pages with a keyword strategy.

– Create content that solves problems for customers using keyword phrases and geo tags.

– Invest time into creating blog content and using Pinterest as way to leverage Pinterest SEO.

– Create content for YouTube and include geo tags and keywords so that people can find your business locally on YouTube. 

– Write handwritten notes to your customers wishing them well during this time (don’t sell anything – just dope a line to say hi) and mail them.



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