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Don't worry about the logistics of creating, optimizing and managing your NextDoor listing when local business marketing expert, Jennifer Sargeant, can take care of it all for you!

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Local business owners don't have the time to sort out how to effectively advertise on NextDoor, which is why they choose to work with local business digital marketing expert, Jennifer Sargeant!

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FAQ About NextDoor for Local Businesses

Yes! NextDoor offers free business profiles, or business listings, to business owners.

Business owners can claim and optimize their NextDoor business profile on their own or they can hire local business digital marketing expert, Jennifer Sargeant, to do it for them. 


Watch Now: How To Set Up Nextdoor Business Page For Local Business (2022) & How to Post to NextDoor

Businesses can claim their NextDoor business profile by logging into NextDoor as a neighbor tapping on their profile picture in the top right and choosing 'add a business page.' Follow the prompts to add your business to NextDoor. 


Watch Now: How To Set Up Nextdoor Business Page For Local Business (2022) & How to Post to NextDoor

Yes, you can advertise on NextDoor as a local business, small medium business, or a national business. 

There are a couple of ways you can advertise on NextDoor as a business. 

Businesses can launch ads from their business profile in 3 easy steps and within 5 minutes. They can choose a zip code or a small radius to advertise within. 

As an agency, I have access to the NextDoor Ad Center which allows me to hyper target audiences and locations on behalf of businesses. 


This video explains what the inside of the NextDoor Ad Center dashboard looks like: https://youtu.be/pMF_hm8d8Ns

To advertise on NextDoor you will need to have an advertising budget. 


Businesses can post to NextDoor, similar to social media, at no charge. Businesses are limited to only 2 posts a month.

The ad budget greatly depends on your overall goals. I've seen businesses perform very well on NextDoor with a $50 monthly budget and very well with a $1,000 monthly budget. 


My goal is to help businesses reach their ideal target audience for the lowest cost so that businesses can get the best bang for their buck. 

Meet Local Business Digital Marketing Expert, Jennifer Sargeant

Be Neighborly, Be Hyperlocal, Be Useful.

In the words of NextDoor: be neighborly, be hyperlocal, be useful.

NextDoor is the app dedicated to all ‘things’ local. Jennifer identified NextDoor as a big potential for local businesses back in 2013 when the platform allowed local businesses to claim a business profile.

Over the years, she has leveraged NextDoor for local businesses and witnessed NextDoor emerge as a driving force for local businesses.

NextDoor is THE place for local businesses to reach their customers. Ready to learn more about how NextDoor can change your business?

What People Say About Digital Sargeant:

Alexis McKenzie
Loan to Home Team
Read More
Jen has helped me turn my business around. She is patient and takes the time to explain how to create and maintain powerful social media. I love that I can have her help me as much or as little as I need and her whole goal is to help me succeed on my own in the future.
Heat of the Moment Express
Roberto Piazza
Read More
I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for Jennifer. She saved our business and she saved my life. Not only did she get our Google My Business suspension reversed, she was the voice of reason throughout this horrible ordeal. She is a real professional that did not give up even when we were at our lowest. God bless you Jennifer !! I just can’t say it enough GOD BLESS YOU!!! Just trust her and I promise you it will all be ok.
Stephanie Kackloudis
The Basket Case Atlanta
Read More
Jennifer Sargeant is a real gem. I feel so fortunate to have worked with her on my new website. She was delightful, fun, very engaged; responded very quickly and made all the necessary changes. Love my website; thebasketcaseatlanta.com
Dolores Fawkes
Camerton Design
Read More
I have worked with other marketing companies, but none of them came even close to the quality and ability of Jennifer. She was a lifesaver when it came to helping build our marketing platform, and was so patient. She spent time with me for training and planning and was always available for phone conversations. I cannot imagine a better company to partner with.
Erika Shanoff
Erika's Tea Room
Read More
Jennifer has been so helpful. As a small business, this virus has caused so much havoc with our day to day business. Jennifer was so knowledgeable and helpful in coming up with a game plan and implementing strategies to make it through this challenging time. She was always available to brainstorm and develop Facebook Ads. Thank you Jennifer.
Micah Johnson
The Collective Flow
Read More
Professional and Creative. Couldn't be more pleased with the process and the product!
Sarah Mullis
Read More
Jen was awesome, and walked me through a google ad error I had with such ease. Thank you so much, Jen!
Wendy Hirst
Brothers Junk Removal
Read More
Thank you Jennifer for helping me get back on Google in less than a week!
Doug McCormack
Yalaha Bootlegging Co.
Read More
Jenn consistently brings us marketing strategies that convert. She’s been a friend and an ally to our business for the past two years. Thank you for all of your help, Jenn!
Cecelia Goodier
World of Beer Franchise
Read More
Jennifer, Digital Sargeant, has always been at my service anytime I needed help with marketing at my job! She has the best ideas and always supports me with my ideas. If you ever need anyone to guide you in the right direction, I recommend her 100%! Thanks for everything, you are awesome!
Lynn Wettach
American Vintage Markets
Read More
I love working with Jenn. She is knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to work with. She is helping me tackle FB and IG marketing and her suggestions are just what I need. I know my business is going to prosper with help from Jenn. Highly recommend!!Thanks for everything, you are awesome!
Lance Ensign
Read More
Congratulations! You have discovered Digital Sargeant, the best service we have found for digital marketing. Jenn is the best because she sincerely wants to help small businesses and provides comprehensive, thorough, and best in class marketing and site optimization. MY4SONS has benefited tremendously from her expertise and we plan on working with her for many years to come. Lance Ensign - MY4SONS
Jennifer Takeshita
JT Designs
Read More
Digital Sargeant has been the absolute best to work with. Her online courses and live coaching calls for Digital Marketing have been so motivating and filled with so much valuable content. She always has an answer to any question and is so supportive! I cannot recommend her enough. If you are looking for a TON of value, Digital Sargeant is the place to go!
Clair Tillotson
Read More
Jennifer is an ad wizard! She is incredibly knowledgeable on all ad platforms and is great at communicating her process in creating and tracking ads. It is a real treat working with Jenn and I would highly recommend her for all your social advertising needs.
Veronica Sopher
Houston Vintage Box
Read More
I am thrilled with the end product that Jennifer did for us. She brought our website to the next level and she did this by taking the time to learn about our products and she did the extra research needed to truly understand our niche! This is awesome customer service and it demonstrates the extra mile she will go to take your project to the next level. I am confident in her skills and look forward to bringing her onboard for future projects.
Jason Stoddard
Stoddard Designs
Read More
Jennifer has been so great to work with!!! Our website is so much better than the last one that we had done by someone else. She makes sure she covers all the bases and if you have a problem with something, she jumps right on it and fixes it. She also trains you on how to operate the website with videos and makes it very easy to understand. I can’t say enough about how happy we are with the work that she provided and she’s very easy to talk to. It didn’t matter that we live 10 hours apart, she is very eager to jump on a zoom call and it’s like your right there We are also starting our social media campaign with Jennifer and I know that it will take our online sales to the next level. I am so glad that a friend of mine referred her.
Professor Megan Moe
Lee University
Read More
Jennifer Sargeant is a skilled professional with extensive knowledge of digital marketing and social media management (SMM), as well as providing advertising education for businesses. She presented a lecture to my advertising college students at Lee University about advertising/SMM, which was informative and analytical. While talking to the students through best practices for SEO and social media, we saw compelling examples of her work. I was also impressed with her technical agility and avid mastery of new platforms. Jennifer is accomplished, and I highly recommend her.
Theater Magic
Attillio Sisofo
Read More
Jennifer Sargeant is socially knowledgeable, keen to current methods and aware of a variety of creative directions you can take to get the results you want. Jennifer will help you clarify your message, structure your content and schedule the post that will attract your audience but more imp[ortantly, how to build the relationship that they come back to. care, value and authenticity consistently structured in your feed. Jennifer will start where you are and navigate a journey tailored for your brand, your needs and your list of tasks to get the right work completed. Jennifer checks your work by following your platforms to offer encouragement along the way and drops golden nuggets to progress you forward. Jennifer is a caring coach who's main interest is your success. You definitely should at least schedule a call with her so that you can experience her interest, goal oriented passion to help small, local business and entrepreneurs.
Richard Walsh
Escape the Owner Prison (ETOP) Podcast for Contractors
Read More
I've been in business for 30 years and seldom run across someone with Jennifer's level of expertise. I'm truly impressed with the attention to detail in her processes of digital marketing. There's a lot of marketers out there but few as good as Digital Sargeant. My highest recommendation for the services offered you won't be disappointed!
Spencer Conrad
Bluewater Docks & Boat Lifts
Read More
Our team here at BlueWater Dock and Boat Lifts would like to thank Jennifer at Digital Sargeant for helping us with our marketing. She helped us with setting up our page and she has the best training videos! We highly recommend Jennifer for all your digital marketing needs.
Amanda Stavrovska
Read More
Jennifer is amazing to work with! I have just completed her Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint course and have learnt so much from her. She is so professional and knowledgeable about digital marketing and I am already seeing results from implementing her strategies into my business! Definitely someone you want on your team & I would highly recommend working with her.
Jenny Neuville
Read More
I hired Jennifer to train me on Google AdWord campaigns, and we worked together for about 6 months. Every dollar I spent with her was a great investment. She was willing to meet me where I was at, and her expertise was invaluable. I will continue to use her in the future for various projects and initiatives. I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to upgrade or diversify their marketing skillsets!
Jeannette Rivera
New Beginnings of Central Florida
Read More
I have worked with Jennifer for two different companies. Both times working with Jennifer has been the most professional experience. Jennifer is very responsive and will do what ever it takes to get the job done. Thank you so much for all your help.