Jennifer Sargeant's Digital Marketing Portfolio:

Nice to meet you,

Welcome to my digital marketing portfolio and another perspective of who I am as a professional.

I am an experienced digital marketing strategist that specializes in many elements of digital marketing such as search engine optimization, local SEO, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, persona development, lead generation, inbound marketing, and more. 

A high-level overview of my experience:

  • Graduate of the University of South Florida with a BA in Mass Communications with a focus in public relations (2013). 
  • I have ten years of experience working in the digital marketing industry.
    • While in college, I assisted with marketing efforts for the businesses I worked for in the industries of acting and modeling, retail, and hospitality. 
    • I have five years of experience working for a digital marketing agency as an account manager specializing in the vertical market of tire dealers but also working with other local accounts and national accounts. 
    • I have two years of experience working directly for an organization as the chief of digital marketing in the legal vertical market. 

I have a strong ability to craft engaging campaigns, implement strategies, be a teammate and a team leader, excellent analytical skills, ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, and much more.

I especially thrive in positive, healthy, and collaborative environments. I am passionate about helping others & solving their problems through the lens of digital marketing. 

Thank you for browsing my virtual portfolio and be sure to drop me a line if you want to connect! 



Digital Marketing Experience:

One person cannot carry out a full digital marketing campaign for a business or organization by themselves. It simply cannot be done. It takes a village to properly manage a full scale digital marketing campaign.

Digital marketing is an ever changing landscape. A landscape that is shifting minute-by-minute. 

  • One minute your PPC cost is $0.50 a click and the next minute your competitor knocked out your ad and increased your cost to $35 a click.
  • One minute your review strategy is off to an unbelievable start and the next minute your Google listing is suspended. 

These are just two examples of times when my landscape changed in a moments notice. 

A skill I am proud to have in my DNA is that I can quickly identify when I need to be a teammate and when I need to be a team leader. 

I understand when it’s time for me to roll up my sleeves and assist the team when challenges arise, brainstorm sessions are in order, or collaborate on campaigns. 

I also understand when it’s important to step up as a leader who can motivate, encourage, and inspire other people.

Ask me about the time my team and I launched a digital marketing campaign that reached over 12 million impressions. 

Over the last six years, I have managed many Google My Business profiles in the following industries: auto, legal, industrial, retail, hospitality, food & beverage, commercial cleaning, and others.

I am a Google Business listing expert, and I am extremely well-versed in claiming, reinstating, optimizing, and managing Google My Business listings.

I have managed over 100 Google By Business listings since 2013 and have conquered many challenges from duplicate listings to suspended listings.

Ask me what happened on March 25, 2018. It’s a day that I’ll never forget.

Ask me about the Google My Business feature that I activated for a business that quickly resulted in profitable leads.

One of the major cues Google takes into consideration with ranking a website are the amount of local listings, citations, and the consistency of both. 

A lot of brands and businesses face local listing inconsistencies after moving office locations or while going through the re-branding process. 

As someone who has digitally helped many businesses move locations, change names, or re-brand, I have plenty of experience managing local listing and citation tasks. 

Ask me about the time I helped a financial institution with over 5 locations clean up their local listings all while in the midst of relocating and re-branding! 

While I truly enjoy all elements of digital marketing, local business digital marketing ranks in the top 3 of my favorite types of digital marketing. 

Personally, I love visiting and supporting local businesses within my community. 

Over the past six years, I have helped many local businesses increase their profits due to a comprehensive local digital marketing campaign. 

Local digital marketing campaign strategies includes geo-centric keywords, consistent local listings and citations, reputation management, e-mail marketing, and cross promoting with other local businesses online. 

Ask me how my local digital marketing strategies helped a local moonshine craft distillery triple their foot traffic and profits in two years. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is my native marketing language.

I thoroughly understand SEO best practices and strategies. I have an uncountable amount of working hours in the SEO industry. Vast knowledge of the many, non-transparent cues Google and other search engines take into account when organically ranking a website.

The number one goal of all SEO professionals is to always rank for keywords, non-branded and branded phrases and search terms, and to increase the amount of organic traffic to their website.

I have lead countless SEO campaigns that cover all elements of SEO from content, alt tags, title tags, meta descriptions, user experience, and more.

As an SEO professional, it is my responsibility to sharpen all of the SEO tools in my toolbox. Always stay up to date with trends, algorithm updates, and other elements that could impact the SEO traffic of a website.

Ask me about the weirdest SEO challenge I’ve had to overcome.

Since 2013, I have worked in the trenches of many websites after updates from Google. I have experience working with websites before, during and after updates from Google such as Hummingbird, Penguin 2.1, Authorship Shake-Up, Pigeon, HTTPS/SSL, Mobilegeddon, Chrome Security, Snippet Length Increase, Mobile-First Index, Mobile Speed, “Medic” Core Update, June 2019 Core Update and Site Diversity Update to name a few.

I understand the many moving parts of technical SEO and why it’s unbelievably critical to have a strong technical SEO foundation. A congested site will not communicate well with Google, and indexing problems can haunt your strategies. Technical SEO must always come first and without this building block a website could face many issues.

Ask me about the 4-week stump that impacted local rankings due to a security setting. Or, ask me about the time I refused to give into no-indexing as a Band-Aid solution to a major problem.

While working at Upright Communications as a digital marketing strategist, I was promoted from local business marketing to national business marketing.

Digital marketing for national businesses included strategies such as creating e-book downloads, broad keyword, and broad key phrase optimization, blogging strategies, enhancing reputation online, persona developments and more.

Ask me what local digital marketing and national digital marketing for businesses have in common. Here’s a hint, hands down, every business should have this element in place!

While working at a digital marketing agency in 2013, I was part of a team who developed and successfully launched a reputation management service in the vertical market of tire dealers. The service was such a hit that other clients and vertical markets within the agency inquired about adding reputation management services to their monthly package. 

The project included equipping our clients with the proper tools and knowledge to launch and grow their reputation online and offline.

As an the account manager at the agency, I developed and carried out monthly reputation management services.

Services included but were not limited to claiming and optimizing review platforms, review survey funnels, responding to positive or negative reviews, and more.

After launching the reputation management service to the tire dealer market, other accounts within the digital marketing agency became interested. From there, a cohesive and still existent reputation management add-on service became available to all accounts who are clients of the digital marketing agency.

Check out two relevant blog posts written about reviews and reputation management:

I have experience managing the online reputation for businesses in the following industries: auto, legal, industrial, retail, hospitality, food & beverage, commercial cleaning, and others.

Reputation management experience on review platforms, social media platforms, replies from e-mail marketing campaigns, forums, and other parts of the internet.

Platforms such as Google, Yelp, Facebook,  Yellowpages, BirdEye, Bing, and more. 

Ask me the best way to handle a negative review on Yelp. 

Social media marketing was a part of my world back when it was acceptable to have a MySpace or personal Facebook page for your business.

Times have changed in the social marketing industry, and I am proud to say that I have evolved with the times.

I have experience managing various types of social media marketing accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (back when that was a thing), LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and others.

I have managed social media accounts in the industries of auto, legal, hospitality, retail, real estate, e-commerce, commercial cleaning, and industrial.

Without a doubt, I have managed at least 100 social media accounts. I understand the importance of content, posting content, managing comments, evaluating campaigns, and much more.

I can easily manage and organize multiple social media accounts at one time. I enjoy observing audience interests and behaviors. 

I have crafted social media campaigns to generate awareness, leads, and revenues for various businesses and industries. 

Social media has been part of my world since you had to have an invitation to join Facebook. 

Ask me about the formula I use to make sure my social media ads never exceed more than $0.75 an impression. 

Managed over $1M in ad spend.

Social media ads are so much fun! I love all the inner workings of social media ads from creating content, managing ads, and to evaluating performances.

I specialize in increasing ad impressions while having a low cost. A formula that I have developed with experience in managing over six figures in advertising dollars.

I have a full understanding of the rules, regulations, and restrictions that are a part of social media paid advertising.

I have managed paid ads on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and YouTube.

Ask me about that time I reached over 100k impressions on Snapchat at $0.12 a swipe up in 24-hours. 

Google Ads are one of the most complex advertising strategies in the digital marketing industry. 

There are countless amounts of nooks and crannies within the Google Ads dashboard. Digital marketing professionals, myself included, spend a great amount of energy planning, optimizing, launching, managing, and evaluating Google Ads campaigns. 

    • Google Ads Search Certified 
    • Google Ads Display Certified 
    • Google Ads Fundamental Certified 

E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to stay for a brand to stay top of mind to buyers. 

I have launched many e-mail marketing campaigns and the process is always exciting. 

I enjoy all the nuts and bolts of e-mail marketing such as developing content, designing the template, adding personalization tags, tracking URLs, CTA’s and more. 

E-mail marketing unlocks the key of being relevant to buyers and is a great tool to stay top of mind of consumers.

I am familiar with sending e-blasts from HubSpot, MailChimp and Active Campaign. 

Ask me how I created relevant e-blast content for 30+ tire dealers in the span of 5 years. 

Creating buy personas as paramount of brands to clearly understand their buyer (or client) and their journeys. 

In 2016, I completed the HubSpot certification at the agency level. HubSpot throughly covers all elements of buyers journeys, understanding buyes, and the problems they face. 

I have used and implemented HubSpot’s persona formula to this day. While the certification for HubSpot may have expired, the tools and foundation is still very relevant. 

Customer flows work in tandem with buyer personas.

It is vital to understand the user experience a potential customer will have while visiting a website. Understanding what the customer is looking for and guiding them (without their knowledge) to the right information on a website can quickly generate leads and sales.

Ask me about the time I created a customer flow for an auto shop that was on a mission to strengthen their position as the number one tire dealer in their market. All by local SEO strategies and customer flows.

Like e-mail marketing, re-marketing is a great way for a brand to stay top of mind for a buyer. 

Re-marketing tactics and strategies should always be a part of a digital marketing campaign. 

Platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube (and much more) have tracking codes or pixels unique to every business profiles.

One of the key elements to a well thought out re-marketing campaign are capping frequencies. No one, and absolutely no one, likes an over the top and annoying business re-marketing to them too much. 

I have managed many re-marketing campaigns and thoroughly enjoy taking note of my KPI’s. 

Ask me about what my frequency caps are for YouTube. 

(Side note: this website even has a tracking code on it =D)

As the chief of digital marketing at my current place of employment, it is my responsibility to spearhead the digital marketing efforts for free community concerts. Free concerts included talents such as Jake Owen, Big & Rich, DJ Vice, Nacho and Pitbull. The shows are 100% free to the community and always included an act of good corporate social responsibility.

I have experience promoting events with a six-figure budget, managing and overseeing all facets of the project. Managing elements such as but not limited to:

  • Leading a team to promote the event online properly
  • Creating a pre-launch and post-launch checklist
    Converting landing pages
  • Social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google)
  • Selecting and managing influencers
  • Press releases
  • Blog postings
  • Outdoor, television, and radio advertising segments
  • Organizing artwork and graphics
  • Negotiating contracts with vendors
  • & much more

Ask me about the time I reached over 12 million impressions online for an event coined as ‘the concert of the year.’

As a leader, it is crucial to be aware of areas of weakness within the workplace. Hiring the right talent can increase job productivity, especially void to be filled or if someone can do a particular task better than you (or me, in this case).

I have experience in creating job postings, interviewing candidates, and hiring talent to fill roles where expertise is needed. I have a strong intuition of character, I am capable of identifying what is missing in a role, and I know the proper questions to ask while interviewing a candidate.

Additionally, I have experience selecting digital marketing interns, writing weekly learning objectives, and mentoring interns throughout their internship.

Ask me about the time I identified an area of weakness within my role and why I hired a particular expert to fill the void.

Certifications & Credentials 

  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida 
  • Google Ads Search Certified 
  • Google Ads Display Certified 
  • Google Ads Fundamental Certified 
  • HubSpot Certified (2015)
  • DoInbound Agency Framework Certification 
  • English Diagnostic Test through the University of South Florida – College of Mass Communications 
  • Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine 


  • Advanced Public Relations 
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Beginning Reporting
  • Direct Reading Mass Media
  • Library Internet and Research Skills
  • Principals of Management 
  • Public Relations Design 
  • Public Relation Issues
  • Public Relations Research
  • Writing for Public Relations 
  • Google Webmasters
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Places
  • Yelp for Business
  • WordPress
  • Yoast SEO
  • Moz Local
  • Drupal
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • HootSuite
  • Zapier
  • Facebook Ads
  • SquareSpace
  • iMovie
  • Asana
  • Harvest
  • Active Campaign
  • MailChimp
  • Raven Tools
  • AWR Cloud
  • BrightLocal
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest for Business
  • & More!

Brands Jennifer Has Worked With:

Jenn is a quintessential self-starter.
"When it comes to her work ethic, Jenn is a quintessential self-starter. Needing little guidance and direction she can fill up her schedule while coming up with year-long marketing plans for clients. Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, and self-starters are the best way to keep ahead on the curve."​
Jennifer is a team player.
"She demonstrated creativity, initiative, social media skills and a thirst for knowledge for public relations and marketing. Jennifer is a team player, and inquired not only how things were achieved, but why they were done a certain way."​
I know she has all the attributes to separate herself from others.
"I know she has all the attributes to separate herself from others when she is working to focus on being the "best" at what she does when she walks in to start her work day. She is extremely "upbeat", makes great "eye contact" and has a great smile all the time."​
Jenn does her best when she is challenged and relied upon.
"Her ability and motivation to learn a new skill was always something that stuck out to me the most. Jenn does her best when she is challenged and relied upon. She also has the ability to work diligently with minimal supervision and you can maintain full trust in her that the job will be completed correctly & on-time."​

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