Scheduling Tweets Using Twitter's Web App!

Original Content from 1/19/2020:

Twitter announced in November of 2019 that they are testing a schedule option for their web app. Fast forward to about a few days ago, and my account finally got the feature (wahoo)!

I am a big fan of scheduling tools that are integrated directly on a platform (such as this). I find that there are fewer glitches when a platform creates a scheduling tool for users. I can’t tell you how many times a 3rd party scheduling tool has failed me! In fact, that is the reason I don’t use 3rd party scheduling tools (& more on that another day).

Another Twitter account I manage (and this account even has the blue verification badge) doesn’t have the scheduling feature yet. A couple of people I talked to also do not have the new feature so just be patient – it is coming! 

Connect with me on Twitter and let me know if you’ll be using the new scheduling tool! 

Jennifer Sargeant shares new Twitter scheduling feature.

Another way to schedule Tweets!

Just the other day I went to schedule a new batch of tweets using Twitter’s new schedule tweet feature and surprise to me – the scheduling option relocated! 

Twitter moved the schedule tool feature (at least for the accounts that I manage) inside Twitter Ads dashboard. Here is what you’ll need to do to schedule tweets on Twitter:

  • Set up an ads account with a credit card (I did this even though I don’t have plans to run Twitter ads on this account). You can do this by going to
  • Once the ad account is all set up – go to ‘Creatives’ in the top menu navagaiton and choose ‘Tweets’.
  • Compose a Tweet and select the drop down arrow next to ‘Tweet’ and schedule your message.

You might want to make sure that the box next to ‘Promote Tweet’ is unchecked as well! 

Here is an image that may help you! 

Scheduling Tweets on Twitter

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