Sell Google My Business As A Service Add On As a Freelancer To Make More Money!

Google My Business is GOLD for local businesses, and it’s a wonderful service add-on to offer as a freelancer. In fact, a fellow freelancer took my GMB workshop and landed a $1,800 client by managing their GMB profile! 

When someone Google’s a service + their location, that is when you want the business you represent to show up on Google in the map pack. When a business is showing up on Google then they increase their chances for leads and profits. 

While Google My Business management and optimization isn’t rocket science, it is a good idea to make sure you’re familiar with the platform, rules and regulations within the listings. The last thing you want to do is explain to a business owner that something bad happened to their listing because of a violation. 

Here are some ways you can sell Google My Business as service offering to your local business freelance clients: 

  1. Review monitoring managing! Reviews are so valuable for local businesses and think about how valuable it would be if you respond to reviews, handled negative reviews, and implemented a strategy to gain more reviews for their listing? Pretty valuable! 
  2. Spam fighting! Spam fighting is a great way to level the planning field within the industry of the business you represent. While GMB has a lot of great and authentic profiles, there are a lot of spammy profiles and removing those profiles gives the business you represent a better chance of ranking. 
  3. Question & answers are a great feature on GMB! Implement a strong Q&A strategy so that prospective customers can make a faster decision about choosing the business you represent over competitors. 
  4. Post to the listing! Similar to a social media platform, users can post to the listing to create a strong message to convert more customers. 
  5. Optimization is key for success on GMB! Offer a strong optimization strategy for your clients and give them a strong chance to show on Google Maps! 

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