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In my last blog post, How to Do Digital Marketing for Local Business, I talked about three elements that every local and small business needs to dominate their service area. 

The third element is what I call an audience connector. Essentially, anything extra that the local business does to stay in touch with its current audience and to grow its audience. Typically, audience connectors are email marketing, direct mail marketing, social media marketing, and text message marketing to name a few. 

If you’re wondering if your local business should be using LinkedIn as an audience connector, the answer is yes!

Here are three LinkedIn marketing tactics that local business owners could use to build and grow their audience organically on LinkedIn:

  1. Key members of the organization should have a fully optimized personal profile and post articles to LinkedIn. Articles have an excellent organic reach! Just remember to avoid duplicating content. 
  2. Fully optimize company pages for the local business, post employee centric content, and engage with audiences on behalf of the business through company pages (click here for more details).
  3. Use LinkedIn’s, ‘notify employees feature’ to extend the branding of the business by easily notifying employees to share company page content. The feature can be used by clicking on the 3 dots of the post and selecting ‘Notify employees of post’. 
LinkedIn Local Business Marketing

I hope you’ll consider LinkedIn as an audience connector for your local business. 

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Best case, opt in for it all!

I’m packaging everything I know about local business digital marketing for the sole purpose of helping local business owners to dominate their service area. 

So, stay tuned! 

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