The First Social Media Challenge of 2020

We are 25 days into 2020, and we have our first (first as in super, super viral) social media challenge. A challenge started by the legendary lady boss, Dolly Parton. The challenge is to create an image with your social media personas from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tinder. 

Interestingly enough, it would seem people use Facebook as their family persona, Instagram as their lavish persona, LinkedIn as their business persona, and Tinder as their dating persona. As a marketer, I am taking notes and observing the connection between each persona and platform. 

Dolly Parton Social Media Challenge - Digital Sargeant

Last I checked, Dolly and her team didn’t comment on how the challenge manifested but one thing is for sure – she and her team are brilliant. 

Celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Olivia Benson-Swift (one of Taylor Swift’s fur-children) participated in the challenge. Brands such as  Guinness,  and even Chateau Versailles participated in the challenge.

So far, I’ve made three Dolly Parton challenge creatives and I encourage you to make one for your brand or biz too! This, my friends, is good old fashion Newsjacking (David Meerman Scott would be so proud).  The way I see it, this challenge is low hanging fruit to build a connection between customers and your brand. Giving customers a relatable persona to coincide with a brand they love and use. 

Happy creating,

PS: Below is my creation for the Dolly Parton challenge.

PPS: I just couldn’t do the Tinder (haha).

Speaking of Instagram (& social media) give me a follow:

Speaking of Instagram (& social media) give me a follow:

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