How to use Bitmoji for your brand!

If you’re a marketer like me – you’re a fan of Gary Vee. 

If you are a marketer like me – you are probably already aware of Gary’s Birthday Deck which is called, ‘How to Make 64 Pieces of Content A Day.’ It’s one heck of a deck & one that I am a big fan of. If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuk or his deck – leave my website to go to this website ASAP.

Gary gives us a recipe for how to make great content and how to use a ton of tools at our disposal. 

One of the ideas he mentions – is to use a cartoon for your brand. Personally, I love this idea. It’s a great way to add another element and layer to a brand. However, the cartoon options he mentioned are a little bit more time-consuming. Mind you, I work well over full-time and Digital Sargeant is a passion project that, at times, comes last. So, my time is a wee bit limited. 

Have no fear, I have a brilliant and easy workaround. Odds are, if you are a marketer, you already have this established and you may even use it on the regular for other functions. 

How to create a cartoon for your brand.

Drumroll, please….

Use your Bitmoji. Yes, your Bitmoji. 

Bitmoji is an app that is mostly used on smartphones BUT they have a Chrome Extension. Download the Chrome Extension and choose a Bitmoji that works for your story or piece of content. To use this Bitmoji – I copied and image and pasted it in an email. Then I took a screenshot fo the Bitmoji and boom. I now have a cartoon for me – which is also my brand!

My mind is racing thinking about all the great ways I can use my Bitmoji. Now, creating cartoon content will be easier than ever before! 

How will you use your Bitmoji? Connect with me on social media and tell me how! 

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