Why Isn't My Business Showing Up On Google Maps?

A question I get all too often from business owners.

“Why isn’t my business show up on Google Maps?”

Truth be told, it could be a number of different factors as to why your business isn’t show up on Google Maps. 

Perhaps it is an issue as small as not claiming your listing or something more complex such as the volume of competition. 

The video below explains 3 reasons why Google isn’t showing your listing. 

Not able to watch the video above? Here is a quick recap:

Here are just 3 reasons why your business listing isn’t showing up on Google Maps:

  1. The primary category could be stronger
  2. Do you have Google reviews? Do your Google reviews mention your services?
  3. Website URL could be stronger

As mentioned earlier, there could be a list of reasons why your business isn’t showing up on Google Maps and these 3 examples may or may not be your breaking point. 

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