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Jennifer Sargeant, the creator of Digital Sargeant, is a digital marketing professional in Clermont, Florida (but virtually, she can be anywhere) that specializes in small business, local business, and multi-location franchise digital marketing.

As a digital marketing professional with nearly 10 years of experience, Jennifer has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the following facets of digital marketing: 

  • Search engine optimization
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

Why should you trust Jennifer Sargeant's local business digital marketing advice?

🌟 She has managed more than 100 Facebook business pages with great success metrics in the following vertical markets: automotive, food & beverage, real estate, and manufacturing.

🌟 She has helped several local business go from not ranking for branded and non-branded keywords to ranking number one on Google organically in their geographical area for their respective industries.

🌟 She has increased sales and profits for multiple local businesses using small budget social media advertising campaigns. Using a formula she crafted over the years.

Free Digital Marketing Resources:

You have an awesome side-hustle but now you’re ready to scale and grow your side-hustle by using the internet.

You may be asking yourself, how do I advertise my side-hustle online?

Jennifer Sargeant has created a guide to help you take your passion project, or side-hustle to the internet. 

A 100% free guide to help you scale your side-hustle! 

Click here or the image below to learn more

How to run a Facebook advertising on a small budget? 

This is a question local business owners ask me all the time.  

Jennifer Sargeant explains how to run successfully small budget social media ads. 

A complete guide that explains how a local business has a return on ad spend well into the thousands all from a $31 Facebook and $31 Instagram ad! 

Click here or the image below to learn more! 

You may be a asking yourself, How do I grow my small business using digital marketing strategies?

As a digital marketing professional specializing in inbound marketing, I have helped local businesses soar to the top of Google. 

Every business should be using digital marketing tactics to help grow their digital footprint. 

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